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Similarly William Faulkner continued to publish until the s and was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chesterton — ; and E. Novelists[ edit ] Amongst the novelists, after Joseph Conradother important early modernists include Dorothy Richardson —whose novel Pointed Roofis one of the earliest example of the stream of consciousness technique, and D.

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The Lord of the Rings was also voted "book of the century" in various surveys. Man was a solitary, romantic creature of will who at any cost imposed his meaning upon the world because he could not endure a world that did not reflect his central place within it.

Ezra Pound was not only a major poet, first publishing part of The Cantos inbut an important mentor for other poets, most significantly in his editorial advice for Eliot's poem The Wasteland.

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Finally, the post-colonial literary movement was born, with writers such as Chinua Achebe writing stories on behalf of subjugated peoples who had experienced colonization by Western powers. Modernism, a movement that was a radical break from 19th century Victorianism, led to postmodernism, which emphasized self-consciousness and pop art. Of his nonfiction, Charles Dickens: A Critical Study has received some of the broadest-based praise[ by whom? In Anna of the Five Towns , Arnold Bennett detailed the constrictions of provincial life among the self-made business classes in the area of England known as the Potteries; in The Man of Property , the first volume of The Forsyte Saga, Galsworthy described the destructive possessiveness of the professional bourgeoisie; and, in Where Angels Fear to Tread and The Longest Journey , E. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover was published privately in Florence in , though the unexpurgated version was not published in Britain until Many of his works, such as Hay Fever , Private Lives , Design for Living , Present Laughter and Blithe Spirit , have remained in the regular theatre repertoire. The new era called for new forms, typified by the work of Gerard Manley Hopkins, first published in , and of T.

Housman whose book A Shropshire Ladoriginally published inenjoyed huge popular success during World War IWalter de la MareJohn MasefieldRobert Gravesand Edmund Blunden represents an important and often neglected strand of English literature in the first half of the century. Great Britain had become indistinguishable from the other nations of the Old World, in which an ugly rapacity had never been far from the surface.

James, born in the US, lived in Europe fromand became a British citizen in Polly —captured the frustrations of lower- and middle-class existence, even though he relieved his accounts with many comic touches.

20th century literature pdf

Forster's most famous work, A Passage to Indiareflected challenges to imperialism, while his earlier novels, such as A Room with a View and Howards Endexamined the restrictions and hypocrisy of Edwardian society in England.

And in some ways, such as in Postcolonial literaturewriters from non-Western cultures were on the forefront of literary development.

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