A description of clarias batrachus commonly referred to as the walking catfish

Body compressed posteriorly.

Walking catfish lifespan

Check list - fresh water fishes of India. Smith, H. Synchronous aerial respiration by the walking catfish in Florida. Journal of Fish Biology, 76 4 References Ohio Administrative Code. The initial introduction is believed to be linked either to the importation of adult brood stock by an aquaculture facility in Palm Beach County or to a truck transporting brood fishes between Miami and the town of Parkland, Broward County, Florida. It is a voracious eater which consumes food rapidly, so it is considered harmful when invasive. Wiley, editors. Field guide to the freshwater fishes of New Guinea. Any tankmates small enough will be eaten. Their coloration is olive to dark brown or purple to black above, blue green on the sides and white below, with white specks on their rear side. Taxonomy, distribution, and habitat[ edit ] The walking catfish is a tropical species native to Southeast Asia. Ohio: Ohio Administrative Code.

The ability of walking catfish to exploit isolated, ephemeral water bodies allows them to access tadpole prey stocks that other fish cannot reach Masterson, The species spends most of its time on, or right above, the bottom, with occasional trips to the surface to gulp air. The walking catfish was imported to Florida, reportedly from Thailandin the early s for the aquaculture trade.

A description of clarias batrachus commonly referred to as the walking catfish

Found in medium to large-sized rivers, flooded fields and stagnant water bodies including sluggish flowing canals Ref. American Fisheries Society Special Publication Genital papilla in males is elongated and pointed Ref. Amin, S. Aminur Rahman. National Museum Smithsonian Institution Exotic and translocated vertebrates of Massachusetts, 2nd edition. Warm, stagnant, often hypoxic waters such as muddy ponds, canals, ditches, swamps and flooded prairies are common habitat for this fish. Great blue heron — a predator of the walking catfish. An important food fish that is marketed live, fresh and frozen.

Means of Introduction: The walking catfish was imported to Florida, reportedly from Thailand, in the early s for the aquarium trade Courtenay et al.

Aquaculture, 63 Courtenay WR Jr, Ng, H.

what do walking catfish eat

Proceedings of the conference on science in the national parks, volume 5. Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. Management of exotic species in natural communities.

Atlas of North American freshwater fishes.

clarias batrachus common name
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Clarias batrachus, Philippine catfish : fisheries, aquaculture, aquarium