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Would Nora have sneaked macaroons if she knew a crowd of people were watching her? Kristine gently tells Nora that she is like a child.

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Since Nora is willing to perform extraneous manipulation, even when it harms her, we can see her addiction to it Young New York: D. Did she do something wrong? Rank are the only characters who are recorded in the dramatis personae with titles. Ibsen later called the ending a disgrace to the original play and referred to it as a "barbaric outrage". Evidenced when she whines "But we can waste just a little bit, can't we? And Strindberg points out that Nora's complaint that she and Torvald "have never exchanged one serious word about serious things," is contradicted by the discussions that occur in act one and two. Nora is offended, so she teases the idea that she got money from "some admirer," so they could travel to Italy to improve Torvald's health. Nora seats Torvald at the table and explains her situation to him. Rank that it was Mrs. The significance of these mythic themes is that only an innocent, fearless creature has the power of vision to see through the false values of sophisticated society.

Text and Supertext in Ibsen's Drama. She leaves the children because she feels it is for their benefit, painful as it may be to her.

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At the table, Torvald is still wearing the clothes he wore to the fancy dress party. Rank leave the house, leaving Nora alone.

A dolls house nora

With this minor act of deception, the audience learns that Nora is quite capable of lying. Linde and Dr. I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I was papa's doll-child" 3.

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I knew nothing of Ibsen, but I knew a great deal of Robertson and H. Ibsen later called the ending a disgrace to the original play and referred to it as a "barbaric outrage". Ibsen, however, has carefully constructed Nora so that her independence and farsightedness have always shown through her adolescent capriciousness. S and the U. She has never spent serious time with her husband of nearly a decade, and is always dumping her children on the nurse rather than bonding with them herself. Nora contemplates suicide in order to eliminate the dishonor she has wrought upon her family. She told Torvald that her father gave her the money, but in fact she managed to illegally borrow it without his knowledge because women couldn't do anything economical like signing checks without their husband. MagillOnLiterature Plus. Torvald explains that when a man has forgiven his wife, it makes him love her all the more since it reminds him that she is totally dependent on him, like a child. If Nora, with her reputation tainted as a criminal, would poison the minds of the Helmer children, she would be useless as a mother to them Metzger. Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Oxford University Press edition of A Doll's House published in

She's not just leeching off her husband. Though at one point we are led to believe that whenever Nora would pry money away from Torvald, she would reserve half of it to repay the debt, when Krogstad confronts her, she confesses that she is not, in fact, in possession of the remaining balance.

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Nora, in Ibsen's A Doll's House Nora tells Torvald that she is leaving him, and in a confrontational scene expresses her sense of betrayal and disillusionment.

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A Doll's House