A history of the political career of george washington who was influential not only for america but

He labored under a terrible strain that would have destroyed a lesser man.

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How Did George Washington Die? InBritish proponents of the policy to constrain colonies to coastal regions again restricted settlement west of the Alleghenies. Washington despised political partisanship, believing that ideological differences should never become institutionalized.

In his farewell address, he urged the new nation to maintain the highest standards domestically and to keep involvement with foreign powers to a minimum.

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There's a problem with this paper. But it was the news that Rochambeau did not initially share with Washington that made an even bigger impact. Instead, he chose to be a citizen. As was his custom, he did not seek out the office of commander, but he faced no serious competition. The 11,man force went into winter quarters and over the next six months suffered thousands of deaths, mostly from disease. In December , he caught a cold after inspecting his properties in the rain. By the s, Washington kept over slaves at Mount Vernon. The American Revolution By the late s, Washington had experienced firsthand the effects of rising taxes imposed on American colonists by the British, and came to believe that it was in the best interests of the colonists to declare independence from England. The same year, he entered politics and was elected to Virginia's House of Burgesses. For two years he was very busy surveying the land in Culpeper, Frederick and Augusta counties. He was selected as a delegate to the First Continental Congress in March He was again absent when the House of Burgesses convened to discuss the Acts in early , having remained at Mount Vernon to meet with William Crawford to go over the first surveys of the bounty lands.

There would be no royal commission for Washington, no place in the regular establishment for his regiment and no opportunity for further honor leading an assault on Fort Duquesne. As well as providing Washington with an income, the job provided an opportunity to speculate in land.

Improved transportation would not only boost the value of his own landholdings in the west but lead to economic self-determination for the colonies.

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Ten Facts About George Washington and the Revolutionary War