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For me, the book was worth it and I enjoyed myself. At least, it is rather amusing in part. Scott Sinclair The story of a young rookie lawyer pleading his first trial against a Life Insurance Company. On his side, Rudy has several supporters and a sympathetic, newly-appointed judge. Who wrote this essay? However, the steak of this meal is a bad faith claim against an insurance company, Great Benefit. Kelly intervenes and orders him to leave.

Additionally, Grisham's cynical outlook in this story is pretty on the mark with the law profession of our society. During this experience, Rudy is introduced to an ambulance chaser. The review of this Book prepared by Yashveer Chauhan A lawyer is fighting for a family whose son, Donnay Ray, dies of leukemia.

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The problem is: She is married to a spouse-abuser. Grisham, in fact, has worked as a lawyer. There is no reason to complain that this is yet another lawyer story about a court case. The review of this Book prepared by F. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! However, the steak of this meal is a bad faith claim against an insurance company, Great Benefit. He is introduced to Deck Shifflet, a less-than-ethical former insurance assessor who received a law degree but doesn't practice law, having failed to pass the bar exam six times. Brusier turns out to be a real fraud. We get a scratchy taste of the less than glamorous job market search for non-elite students as Rudy is smart, but middle of the pack. That is, until they win big bucks on their insurance case - or so they think Donny Ray dies just before the case goes to trial.

The review of this Book prepared by F. He is dying of leukemia. After he finishes school, the firm he was about to work for fires Rudy, before he even starts working. Through a series of missteps, bad luck and the realities of more lawyers than legal positions, Rudy finds himself working for J. Kelly decides to send Rudy away from the home, by taking in her hands the blood spotted stick.

Rudy helps her to sign the documents to divorce, but one night, Kelly risks to be killed by her husband.

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The main topic of this novel is a civil suit against a medical insurance company. Rudy sues a medical insurance giant which denied one couples claim for their son their son has leukemia.

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Review of The Rainmaker by John Grisham