An analysis of the topic of the quality versus quantity

quality vs quantity in business

The conclusion was that in nearly every case, more monthly blog posts inherently led to higher inbound traffic. A talented interviewer is going to get more depth of information than someone might volunteer on an online survey.

The ability to probe respondents.

An analysis of the topic of the quality versus quantity

You want to grow this arm of the business, and reinforce your brand message to this target audience. Another argument for quantity is it has a low barrier to entry for marketers.

Ask open-ended questions to give participants space to speak their minds. You can even drill down to the ad groups that are yielding higher bounce rates and adjust the keywords and ad copy in order to bring in a more relevant audience. The chances of a non-completion increase when respondents have to type a response into a text box, questions are confusing or have grammatical errors, they probe too deep into personal information like annual incomeor there are too many questions on the survey as a whole.

Quantity vs quality in relationships

The average blog post length varies dramatically according to the search term. What are the drawbacks? John Tyreman John has a passion for market research, analytics and using data to drive decisions. Below are some examples of when it would be appropriate to use an IDI or an online survey. The length and frequency of your content depends on your content goals. You can get information by digging into your analytics and insights, reviewing previously-collected data from studies, and interviewing customers. Google set specific webmaster guidelines on techniques to avoid, which include: Automatically-generated content. Most respondents are less willing to type out detailed, explanative responses. The use of IDIs gives the interviewer the opportunity to capture the nuances and natural language used by respondents. Quality Google has released some great traffic-boosting campaign types over the last year, such as dynamic search ads and product listing ads PLAs. Consider sending your ads to different landing pages to see which one yields the lower bounce rate, and then you can roll this out to further ad groups. So if you want your content to rank high, it should have nearly 2, words. In terms of importance, quantity is a close runner-up.

Sometimes, they will exit the survey before completing it. It all depends on your brand, your audience, and your content goals.

Quality vs quantity group discussion

You can also view metrics like bounce rates, transactions, and revenue by segment and then download the reports to share with your content team. Need for incentives. So quantity is clearly important. Cost effectiveness. For example, if you recently added a phone number to your site, you may find that people only need to view one page and then call. How long your pieces are and how often you post depends on your brand, your audience, and your content strategy. Hubspot reports that publishing 16 or more posts per month got 3. How many do we need to create each year to make a significant improvement in rankings and traffic and thus make the investment worthwhile? Is longer content inherently higher in quality than shorter content? Overall, it was. Limited sample sizes. Bounce Rate Bounce rate is an indication of the percentage of people who have come to your site and either exited right away or did not go on to view another page. Content is critical. In the example above, average visit duration is up by 35 seconds year-on-year. In the quality over quantity debate, the assumption is that longer content is better.

Quality is more valuable than providing content on a set, high-frequency schedule. Hold interviews Interviews are an excellent way to get current data on your audience.

Quality vs quantity debate

Attend Our Conferences. Bounce Rate Bounce rate is an indication of the percentage of people who have come to your site and either exited right away or did not go on to view another page. So how exactly do you get started with creating game-changing blog content? An experienced interviewer will know when to probe for more detail, recall answers earlier in the interview that might be applicable to questions further down the line, and take copious and legible notes to refer to when passing the interviews along for data processing and coding. Take a look at this word count data pulled from MarketMuse. Why is this the case? Many people are writing long-form content between 3, and 10, words. The ability to ask more questions. Audience Persona: Past clients who hired my firm to address a growing industry challenge. And make sure that you are unbiased in the phrasing. Have a plan for your overall image and the purpose of the blog.

Engaging content knows no limits when it comes to word count. Time and cost.

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Content Quality vs. Quantity: Is There a Clear Winner?