An analysis of the topic of the service characteristics and the service mechanism

The main difference between the service and the tangible product is the nature of the service: the intangible, immediate production of immediate consumption, perishability and non-storage.

Vanderbased on case studies, divides the types of service innovation from an organizational perspective [14]. Service mechanism Service mechanism describes your services and required resources.

It is the severity of the consequence rather than the uncertainty that plays into airline passengers' fears. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 26, Barras uses functional models to propose innovative categories that apply to both products and services.

Therefore, the unpredictability of this process is so high that it is difficult to manage or control, and the handling of each service is unique.

At Disneyland, for example, single line queues are employed despite the large numbers of visitors. Perceived risk is associated with all purchasing decisions, both products and services alike. You can see stanchions in movie theaters or airports.

In most instances, the projects themselves are of a relatively large scale. Example: retail banking, with different counters for withdrawals, deposits, new accounts, etc.

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Therefore, to further promote the economic development through service innovation, we need to know how to establish the management mechanism of service innovation at the enterprise level.

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The Service Process: Definition and Types