An in depth overview of the serious social problems china faces today

In the same year, 4, students graduated from high school, and 1, of them graduated from vocational-technical high schools. There are also 15 schools of special education, and places that provide adult education. Notable achievements include economic growth of an estimated 6.

The government has 70 buildings, mostly on the Macau peninsula, and mostly in the northern part of the peninsula, to accommodate low income families for them to either buy a home or rent one.

social issues in china 2019

In addition, an average of thirty-five sandstorms wreaks havoc in Northern China every year. China's Sichuan province-home to the famed pandas-now possesses less than one-tenth of its original forests. Investment continues to be high, combined with rising real wages in much of the economy.

Half were addicted to gambling. Several simple steps could be taken to raise the profile of the United States in helping to shape China's future environmental, political and economic development. Among the civil servants, only The average number is already fairly high compared with the PRC 5.

They also have taken to publishing some draft laws and regulations on their websites to invite public comment, an important improvement in the transparency of China's legal system.

Chinese and western health officials have linked water polluted with arsenic, mercury, and cadmium to a high incidence of birth defects, cancer, and kidney and bone disorders near many major rivers and lakes.

For the United States, cooperating with Chinese actors on environmental protection offers the opportunity not only to serve U. And, with regard to questioning the environmental implications of China's earlier efforts to promote grain self-sufficiency or the current grand development plans for China's West, claims of national security are occasionally invoked.

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Social Problems in Macau