An introduction to the analysis of the storming phase

Storming stage

The team has greater self-direction and is able to resolve issues and conflict as a group. Some teams will never develop past this stage, that said, conflict and disagreements within the team can also make a team stronger, more versatile, and able to work more effectively as a unit. This demonstrates that there are no favorites and everyone is valued. Helping a Performing Team Team Leaders should delegate and oversee a performing team, they should resist the urge to instruct or assist when not required. Journal of Applied Psychology, 41, — Still, she monitored how things were going and held regular virtual meetings to ensure the team was moving in the right direction. Too much cohesion can also be a concern for groups. After this, report any discoveries and achievements to key stakeholders outside of the team. In most cases, coaching involves direct extrinsic feedback i. Stage 1: Forming The "forming" stage takes place when the team first meets each other. Helping a Norming Team Facilitation is best used when managing a norming team. The Project Work Begins Stage 2: Storming The team members have gone back to their home offices and are beginning work on their project. This is especially important for those who feel more insecure.

Let members know this is a natural phase in the group-formation process. Once established, use strategies that will move your team through to the next stage in the team formation process.

adjourning stage

In norming members get to know each other, agree on the norms, working styles and systems to follow. Developmental sequence in small groups.

team development examples

They can make decisions and problem solve quickly and effectively. The team celebrates the milestones reached along the way. If the norming stage can be reached, it is an exciting time for all involved. Goal and role definition: What are we doing?

An introduction to the analysis of the storming phase
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Stages of Team Development