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If the drinking age is dropped below 21, the recklessness of teenagers will put the community in danger. What is culture?. The reason for the possible decrease in population because many factors of accidents are because of being under the influence of alcohol and by lowering the age for it to be legal to drink would mean allowing more life or death accidents to occur.

Allowing them to drink when it would be legal for them would mean allowing their health to be at risk of either dying or have long-term sickness. Family violence is often a result of excessive drinking. The impact of alcohol on a developing brain among the young people is far acuter compared to the more mature one; just as is the risk of addiction.

The difference is that those who abuse alcohol, but are not yet alcoholics, typically can put some limitations on their drinking and they have not yet become physically addicted to alcohol. This article presents how alcohol can affect the developing brain of an underage drinker and is done through experimentations with rodents.

Finally, note that most drunk drivers are male. As there are many negative impacts that come with alcohol abuse, treatment options are necessary. How does alcoholism affect their children or loved ones? These interventions include controlling the prices of alcohol and advertisement.

alcohol addiction essay
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