Challenges of transforming a traditional brick and mortar store essay

This does not mean that measuring the performance of the website or a specific store is not meaningful. During that time people will pay any price to get quality item on the market.

For instance, with our Cyberb rs and through My-World, customers can find and order products that might not be available in the physical Karstadt store most convenient to them. The constraints of time and space still exist. Some customers want to be waited on hand and foot; others prefer to shop in solitude.

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Our customers are very demanding of Neiman Marcus in the physical world, and we expect them to be no less so on the Web. In the past, life was simple. A broader approach requires systems that can serve all interactions and nimbly adapt to new ones.

Brick and mortar stores vs online stores

It would be more than ideal to make your staff feel like a family, but even just acknowledging their dedication can go an incredibly long way to strengthening your workforce. Ultimately, technology will affect which businesses we choose to pursue through which channels. Join our community Already a member? The challenge will be to integrate the Internet with already formidable personalized communication and service capabilities. Customers may be reluctant to purchase on-line because the computer display is limited in its ability to convey important product information. Reference your recommendations to the text or presentation. In fact, the argument goes, having a physical store may prove to be a liability, burdening the conventional retailer with unnecessary overhead. If you are going in, skip the brochure site and move directly into sales. Lesson 3: Execution matters: prototype, test, and refine. A consumer can do business with a merchant located across the country as easily as with one located across the street. You can have multiple personas, but always keep at least one in mind when thinking about acquiring and retaining customers. One school of thought maintains that e-commerce will affect all retailers and all types of products, that the Internet will change the face of retailing thoroughly and permanently. Then there was interactive television. However, the business case extends well beyond these tactical initiatives to satisfy basic customer needs—increasing the lifetime value of customers, delivering faster inventory turns in-store and creating higher margins through reduced markdowns of stock stuck at the wrong store.

Right now, opinions about the impact of the Internet on conventional bricks-and-mortar retailers, catalogs, and even door-to-door selling—are extremely different. The gap between our physical stores and our mail-order business can thus be effectively closed.

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Increased and sustained use of on-line shopping will spawn more intense competition among physical retailers, and some stores will close. I think most executives know that e-commerce means different things to different retailers. There are too many catalogs. For example, if a customer is shopping for towels, nowadays at a Karstadt they will also find matching bathrobes, electric toothbrushes, perfumed soap, and so forth. Like the article? Lesson 3: Execution matters: prototype, test, and refine. What makes a consumer choose to shop in a physical store? There might be incremental shipping costs, but those costs might be offset by the convenience. When customers come into the store, reward them with a great experience — both in terms of brand and service. Through contests and other incentive programs, you can find something which can work for you and your staff to motivate them appropriately. Introduced only about 20 years ago, it has transformed the buying process in many retail stores. Just consider how different a shopping experience on a mobile device looks in comparison to one in a retail store. Retailers also worry that new technologies might threaten their existing businesses.

Everything we offer that is suited to one particular purpose is available in one thematic area. Vending machines: Equipment that offer goods upon dropping in of money.

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Retailing:Â Confronting the Challenges That Face Bricks