Development of tourism in india essay

The railways seriously need the upgradation of the facilities to increase a substantial share in the tourism market.

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The brochures must be attractive and carry all required information. This institution would be capable of recycling the financial and technical resources from the oil producing and industrialised nations to developing countries.

Development of tourism in india essay

It means being up to the fact that facing the quest to improve our quality of life has an inherent constraint there is a limit to how much human population and activity our planet can withstand. The Indian tourism industry has been hit by pollution. The strategy formulators must be able to match its objectives with the available opportunities. As accommodation is the capital intensive industry so it needs the help of the private sector. The government and policy makers should open the gates of liberalisation only after assessing the financial capabilities of the private carriers so as to reduce the failures and losses. Domestic tourism has also got a big boost. Stimulate and support the correct decisions in the right place; ii.

The Tourism Advisory Board recommends measures for promotion of tourist traffic in India. Conclusion is really the key aspect of every essay.

On the negative side tourism may damage environment.

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Tourism promotes national integration and international understanding. Awareness about protection of environment while dealing with the tasks related to the development of tourism.

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Step 5.

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Indian Tourism Development Corporation Essay Example