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A Chinese proverb says: "Tell me, and I'll forget. I will show how these two versions have been used differently as a learning tool Does GBL belong in schools? This book looks at the educational level of what video games have to teach us.

Though its been said that video games cause laziness and violence in kids, we now know that video games can be a significant learning tool in early child development. Playing video games has many advantages, such as they help increase and develop cognitive functions, mental health, and more often than most they are educational.

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Many games companies like Electronic Arts EA are changing the content of their games Over the years that top spot has slowly fallen out of grasp. The habit of fair play makes a man love honesty, integrity and justice which are great moral qualities. Gamification practices are particularly appealing to the Generation Y'ers who have grown up playing games that send them on quests, award them with badges, and post their achievements on leader boards, but the fundamental human need for recognition spans generations.

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Many stu Education teaches man the need and value of recreational activities. Originally surveys were randomly mailed to the parents of children who attended 20 pre-selected middle schools throughout the state of Michigan. With game-based learning tools to bridge that gap comes the promise of vastly more productive and engaged students and workers—ones who embrace learning.

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Essay on Video Games as a Learning Tool