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Was opened as a tourist destination in the month of December It is in the south east of the Arabian Peninsula.

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It has almost everything you need. Friday Morning 9 pm; Afternoon: Every country has different culture that distinguishes it from other countries.

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The Oman ophiolite has been thoroughly researched because it is well preserved and, particularly in the north, the entire sequence of ophiolite stratigraphy, from the upper mantle to oceanic sediments, is exposed The population in Al-Hamra was 14, people living in 25 villages.

Article 19 of The International Declaration of Human Rights describes the right to freedom of opinion and expression in all forms, as well as giving and receiving information through any outlet In the late 18th centaury Ajmen was a small town with less population but things started changing after the discovery of oil deposition in Ajman, by the late 19th centaury Royal Omani government started opening more oil refineries in Ajmen wit

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Oman Sultanate Tourism