Filesystemobject copyfile overwrite a file

The third parameter, False is a Boolean type variable which specifies whether or not you want to overwrite any existing file by the same name in the destination folder.

No attempt is made to roll back or undo any changes made before an error occurs. Character string file specification, which can include wildcard characters, for one or more files to be copied. In either case, three things can happen when an individual file is copied: If destination does not exist, source gets copied.

fso.copyfile permission denied

The CopyFile method stops on the first error it encounters. If you try to overwrite a file in the destination folder which is open in another program or by another user on a shared network drive.

Otherwise, destination is assumed to be the name of a file to create. Remarks Wildcard characters can only be used in the last path component of the source argument.

vbscript copy file and rename
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CopyFile method (Visual Basic for Applications)