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Justice and freedom: We contribute to a well-functioning international legal order and promote international agreements in order to tackle global issues. Eventually the agreement passed the Senate, but only after amendments granting the U. The British, through Anglo-Dutch Shell Oil, had reaped Iranian oil for almost nothing through mid-century, but in a volatile new prime minister, Mohammad Mossadeq, threw them out. Entrants also hereby waive all your moral rights in your entry. The North Vietnamese did not yield; Nixon did not carry out his threats; the war continued. By the end of the year, Nixon was planning to finish the American military withdrawal from Vietnam within eighteen months. The Ayatollah returned to his homeland soon afterward and was instantly installed by a million Iranians marching on the capital as the nation's undisputed leader. This enraged Muslim fundamentalists in Iran. When Israel continued fighting after the ceasefire deadline with Kissinger's tacit acquiescence , the Soviets threatened unilateral action.

His civil servants help him prepare and deliver that policy. Any entry not complying with these Terms and Conditions is invalid.

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Allende supporters were rounded up and detained in Santiago's National Stadium. The Carter administration's human rights record was mixed. The Shah was now in exile in Mexico, dying from cancer, and President Carter allowed him to come to the United States for refuge and medical treatment.

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His idea would be to tour around the country, build up [South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van] Thieu and so forth, and then make the announcement right afterwards. Before long, Nixon dispatched Kissinger to secret meetings with Chinese officials. Essay Topics Entrants should write an original essay of up to words for high school students and up to words including references for university students.

Hard-liners in China were replaced by communists who were more interested in economic growth than in military confrontations.

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