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Our government can encourage people to prioritise health, family and principles in life by organising awareness campaigns especially in primary schools where the younger generation should learn about priorities in life because they are the leaders of tomorrow. Blood is thicker than water. Being around friends is extremely fun and exciting.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. I have faith in saying that everything is equally valuable whether in terms of human relationship or materials around us. However, not when there are friends at work. As soon as fame and riches leave you alone, false friends also act as if they do not know you; you become stranger in their eyes. Most people need money for a better lifestyle in future for themselves and their family. Strong Essays: Friendship, Life, and Nature Everyone has 3 important things that make While you did not mention about the problem to anyone, a true friend can see the pain you are hiding behind a fake smile on your face and they will always be there for you.

Friendship is one of the most basic component in life. It also depends on how we relate friendship in our life. Partying with friends, gossiping with them for hours, going for shopping and movies with them and indulging in crazy activities that only your group can understand is all extremely fun.

Friendship Essay 1 words Friendship is a faithful and loyal relationship between two or more person living anywhere in the world. Having good friends who can listen to our issues and provide us support and guidance are indeed a blessing during this age.

A friend is a listener,a counselor, a supporter and the list is endless. Do you agree?

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Friends were still important and their presence added to the overall mood of every occasion. False friends are those who support you in times when you are rich and famous.

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Our Secret Chamber : The most valuable thing in life is friendship. Do you agree? Discuss.