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Generation Gap Essay 3 words Time always runs and changes the generations, this is one of the biggest truths of life and no one can deny it. These are all faster than simply walking and have made it possible to travel faster and farther. This is the cause of the clash and this state of clash and difference of opinion is termed to be the generation gap.

A generation gap is something you can never escape as wherever you will go you will discover people from various age gathering and school of contemplations.

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Young people do not like to be spoon-fed by their elders. Similarly, many changes happening at various levels in the society are a result of the generation gap.

Conclusion: Each and every person, whether of any age, has its own area of interest with different morals and values. Welcome back to your classroom and your examinations!

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We should try to be a piece of their little world they work for themselves and try to think about their desires and wants. Hence, This generation gap signals the separation of joint families and homes. If we go back the history of our development, we often see the way we have progressed from our primitive ways. They have no respect tradition, custom, manners etc. There is a need of proper guidance for the young generation which alone can prevent them from going on the wrong path. They fight against social and economic injustice. This difference brings out a wide change in the making of the society and its culture. The most ideal approach to deal with such circumstance is to wind up friendly and patient with the people around and regard the age gap. Likewise, the youth ought to understand that they have none involvement throughout everyday life. Give me a chance to give you a precedent, if a family is going on an excursion via vehicle. So this kind of contrast in deduction between people of two distinct generations will exist.

The present structure of society and the life of every individual have changed a lot. Sunita Kashyap, the social extremist, and an NGO proprietor.

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Generation Gap has great affect under these situations. Generation gap has led to several changes in the society especially in India where the joint family system was prevalent since ages.

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Adults make assumptions about kids, based on the way they dress, which pushes kids further and further away. The term is often used to state the difference of opinions between children and parents or grandparents. They feel that their time was the best time as young people used to esteem their elders and used to be respectful towards them. There was a time when sun and moon were gods. This disgusting news gives the impression of our people and gives a concrete signal, where our people or government will make an edge. Young people are not prepared to follow whatever their elders tell them. Such a large number of news nowadays come in around where a child kills his father for the property or the little girl commits suicide, and after this.
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