Genetics exam 2 practice questions

Work due must be turned in ahead of the conflict date. A cross between a tall plant with round seeds and a dwarf plant with round seeds produced: tall plants with round seeds, dwarf plants with round seeds, 42 tall plants with wrinkled seeds, and 37 dwarf plants with wrinkled seeds.

genetics final exam questions and answers pdf

Avoid missing more than two classes for sports events or any other reason. Be aware that fraternity activities, especially work project week, are associated with poor class performance.

The blood types involved are:. How to do well in this course. In humans, curly hair is dominant over straight hair. What are the chances of producing the following genotypes?

What are all the possible genotypes of the offspring these two could produce? Web Notes include lecture outline and linked articles. Multiple Alleles and Blood Groups

genetics test questions and answers pdf
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Mendelian genetics questions (practice)