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Two factor model

But if a company really needs a good employee, it should give him a job, having good content, allowing to grow, experience difficulties and achieve success Hansen 64 — Overall, these people attach the highest importance to creativity, and project managers must make sure that they have such an opportunity. Researches on factors causing satisfaction or dissatisfaction conducted by Herzberg proved that the process of gaining satisfaction and the process of growing dissatisfaction are two different processes. Moreover, one should not overlook the role of recognition. Sachau, Daniel A. For some of them, creativity is of the highest priority, while others may pay more attention to recognition and advancement. It should be noted that since both sets of needs exist in man at the same time both must be served and one will not substitute for the other.

That is, each of the two concepts of man consists of a system of needs that operate in opposing directions. The two factors are- hygiene factors and motivators.

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Workers evaluate equity using a ratio of inputs to outputs. Lomdon John Wiley and Sons, Outcomes include benefits. In order to motivate, good supervision has to be coupled with a good company policy and recognition.

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The new project management: tools for an age of rapid change, complexity, and other business realities. The main significance of F.

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However, there are some weak points the the theory: the fact that people tend to blame failure on external environment and to take credit themselves when the things go well may affect the evaluation process.

Job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction represent two separate and distinct continua just as observed earlier with respect to happiness and pain.

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The term motivation theory is concerned with the processes that describe why and how human behaviour is activated and directed. Secondly, the project manager should make sure that each member of the personnel does not feel insecure about his or her position in the company since this is one of those factors which lead to discontent and even force employees to search for a different job. Instructions: On each of the following dimensions, distribute a total of 10 points between the two options. Process theories first attempt to define variables in choice, i. In this way, one would greatly diminish their job satisfaction. Inputs include qualification, experience, effort, and ability. Herzberg found, for example, that good working conditions Physical, environment, congenial co-workers, good supervision were rarely named as factors contributing to job satisfaction; however, poor working conditions were frequently cited as sources of dissatisfaction. For applying the theory of F. Although, it is not always necessary that motivators keep motivating employees all the time and hygiene factors cause dissatisfaction. From this illustration it becomes apparent that happiness and pain are not polar opposites of the same feeling originating from the same source; that is, happiness and pain are not on the same continuum. It is interesting to note that recognition based on achievement provides a more intense satisfaction than does recognition used solely as a human relations tool divorced from any accomplishment, The latter does not serve as a satisfier, Rush, H. Even when the supervision is good, it may not motivate a worker unless this good supervision is coupled with achievement, where the worker is given a normal task load and these tasks are smart in nature. However, there are some weak points the the theory: the fact that people tend to blame failure on external environment and to take credit themselves when the things go well may affect the evaluation process.

If all the hygiene factors are present and even when there is more than enough of a hygiene factor present, then it is possible that the employee would still not be motivated.

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Herzbergs Two Factor Theory Essay Example