Homogeneous tracking in schools essay

Technical, normative, and political considerations. Slavin, R. Brewer, D. Although it was expected that class-type performance would be different, Kifer and colleagues' analysis of student and classroom performance found considerable score overlap among tracks.

Historical Background Tracking has a long history and close connections with the purposes of education. When South Side Middle School began the process of dismantling tracking in mathematics, it was because the school leaders recognized the deleterious effect that tracking in mathematics had on a student's ability to earn a Regents or International Baccalaureate diploma.

Evaluation of curriculum and instructional strategies, forms of school organization, and community outreach is also needed. Reformers argued that teaching should instead follow a hierarchical sequence of topics, exposing students to increasingly difficult skills and complex knowledge.

By doing so, mastery learning is intended to ensure minimal levels of achievement.

tracking in schools pros and cons

For which class is this teacher probably putting forth the greatest teaching effort? Focusing on data may result in the cognitive dissonance that will set doubters on the path to changing their beliefs.

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What Tracking Is and How to Start Dismantling It