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present your vision for the chemistry department for the next five years

Additionally, KAU has abundant resources which are necessary to maintain a thriving university. Just as GDP uses selective measures to determine the underlying health of an economy and becomes factual as it is continually used, university rankings use items selected from a sea of possibilities to establish a higher education reality.

But they do say a great deal about the political direction of current global higher education reform.

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Since educational quality encompasses all three primary functions of higher educational institutions: teaching, research, and community service, KAU has strived for excellence in all three functions.

Their increased popularity also signals a profound historical change in our attitude toward equality and quality in public institutions.

present your vision for the chemistry department for the next five years

Uppermost universities in the ranking lists are recognized as being of uppermost quality. This explains why internationalization is frequently referred to in relation to cultural integration and conflicts in some countries.

Disciplines that are urgently needed, support industry transformation and development, or support regional development will be given priority. Each student is assigned a supervisor at the British university and a supervisor at KAU. The rankings added several new indicators while continuing to rank city economics more heavily than political or cultural factors. KAU undertakes the lengthy process of designing and reviewing its own curricula because it is recognized that this process contributes toward the goal of creating the academic culture required for the achievement of standards of educational and academic excellence. The higher administration of KAU has worked with dedication to utilize its available budget to acquire the academic talents commensurate with its bid for excellence. Although all existing KAU faculties are of a high standard, new buildings are currently under construction for many faculties in order to modernize the infrastructure. The roster, similar to the version, is sorted into categories of Alpha world cities with four sub-categories , Beta world cities three sub-categories , Gamma world cities three sub-categories and additional cities with High sufficiency or Sufficiency presence. Unlike other excellence programs of universities, such as the German Excellence Initiative, which mainly focuses on excellence in research, KAU has sought to improve quality of all aspects of its higher education encompassing teaching and research. The University moved places from its previous ranking in July , confirming its commitment to continuous improvement. The level of concentration of activities varies, depending on the specific educational and academic situation and geographical location of the concerned universities. By so doing KAU guarantees future highly qualified academic staff members and acquires in-depth awareness of their academic profiles. Under the project, around disciplines will be supported, including disciplines that are close to becoming world-class, those related to national security and vital interest, and emerging and interdisciplinary subjects. The University of Nairobi has recorded marked improvement in international rankings. Smith and Peter J. This is the reason for ranking being regarded as a means to draw higher educational institutions into the global knowledge market, despite the fact that more weight is put on research output rather than the quality of teaching by most of the rankings.

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World University Rankings results announced