How to write a reflection paper on modules

In fact I did start acting on it and did start questioning tutors and friends.

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Psychiatry focuses more on a persons illness rather than their strengths Farley, et al. Now, I just do not need to bother with journal articles referencing. Here in the UK, what I observed, are students do not only come with specific objectives, but with a verity of competencies to achieved, as such, have to have a mentor allocated to them.

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When my learner performed a skill, and I spot a flaw in her performance, I am now able to examined my teaching methods, noting perhaps where I shortfall and come up with action plan for improvement. Your work will be evaluated using the following: depth and thoughtfulness of reflection based on the presented material for the particular week and your evidence.

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On a general note, during the module when the topic of report writing was being covered, I had doubts but felt they were too silly to ask the module tutor.

This is one of my action plans for my learners. The vast amount of information, knowledge and resources which I have gathered has been great in giving me the confidence to go out and teach all aspects of HWB.

How to write a reflection paper on modules

Before commencing this module, I was unsure how to write a reflective essay. After attending the third session of this module, I was able to compare different models of reflection. For instance, I observed my learners with keen interest of identifying his or her flaws, give constructive feedback which provide for improvement. Its not just reflection, one must be able to identify the good, the bad, and the indifference of past experiences and compare plus improve in every aspect. Planning to facilitate learning in a clinical setting can be very challenging, having to cope with your busy workload and facilitating at the same time. This textbook web site is going to be an incredible resource. Undertaking this module made me give some serious thoughts to my professional body requirements of the role of a facilitator of learning. HWB is such a huge curricular area and there is SO much to learn and take in that it is impossible to know everything. In this module, we were given to make a poster and a formal report. I kept exploring the links for other sites in the elementary area.

I believe I felt these would challenge me due to not having much experience in the areas, therefore aiding my professional development.

I applied demonstration as an activity to make the lesion interesting, as well as giving the every one present the opportunity to see and practice the skill correctly.

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Write a reflection about what you have learned. The second assignment was a critical report based on the same article we used for the poster. This reflection journal is private. Here is an example: An important concept I learned this week was the difference between similar helping professions such as social work, sociology, psychiatry, and counseling. Many a times when I introspect on my learning altitudes I also feel that a part of me is the Pragmatist learner. This allowed the students to learn not only how to browse the Internet, but to become familiar with the many sources of information they can also find. On Conclusion, Gibbs reflective cycle has helped me tremendously, it is so systematic I applied it to every situation in my daily practice. Following that, I established a baseline of her knowledge and skills level, which was she possessed basic knowledge and skills at her level 1st year ODP student , this we both agreed upon. They also learned of the many fun student activities that go along with what we are learning in class. This module taught me how to reflect on my professional practice, for example, at the end of my shift I reviewed what I had undertaken on that day, asked myself was my practice done according to my professional guidelines? I have done some integration, mainly in the language arts and social studies areas. Demonstrate how to safely and accurately apply the six types of oxygen delivery devices on patient in the recovery room. This is one of my action plans for my learners.

I have particularly mentioned about Prezi and refworks as these were two highlighting factors that I found in the module, very helpful in making my coursework manageable. Boston, MA: Pearson. This assignment helped us improve our critical skills and present it in a formal report structure.

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