Indenting handwriting analysis

How and Where the Analysis Is Performed Forensic document examiners either work as private examiners within their own laboratory, or for publicly funded laboratories.

Different ink formulas will absorb and reflect infrared light at different wavelengths. Small: smaller than 2. It represents the security of the individual in the actions he performs and the degree of conviction he has in what he develops as well as for himself. Graphology Handwriting Analysis: Layout Margins Proportions: Is the equilibrium of the dimensions of letters between each other.

For example, under certain light sources combined with an infrared filter, a document containing information written in ink that has faded over time may be enhanced or processed to appear darker and therefore more legible.

The strength of the graphism. Through order, we study the general organization of the text that is written on the page. Requested specimens are writings dictated by the investigator to the writer.

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It is not possible to measure it. Indented writing can be deciphered though a variety of methods including specialized lighting techniques i. Direction may be ascendant, descendant, straight, sinuous, concave, convex, overlapping or unequal.

It must be based on logics and comparison with examples. It is related to the degree of clarity in the ideas of the writer, organization of personal time, ability for adaptation to the social norms that will allow him to duly adjust to the environment he acts in.

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Handwriting and Document Examination