Iodine deficiency diseases essay

Severe iodine deficiency, particularly during gestation and in the first months following birth, can result in cretinism. Smaller amounts of this mineral are also found in a variety of foods like fishshellfish, beef, chicken, lima and pinto beans, milk and other dairy products.

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In regions where iodized salt is not widely available, or where pregnant women are known to have inadequate iodine intakes, use of a daily iodine-containing supplement may be recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Aims The overall aim was to review recent scientific data on health effects of iodine status as an indicator of iodine intake. Thus, although the compensatory increase in secretion of the hormone acts to minimize the decrease in thyroid hormone production, it also causes enlargement of the thyroid gland, resulting in goitre.

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A high and rapid concentration of radio-iodide is evident in the periencephalic and cerebrospinal fluid leftsalivary glands, oral mucosa and the stomach.

It has been proven that living in poverty can trigger health problems such as malnourishment and mental illness that could have been prevented if proper action had been put into place Le Basi Razionali della Terapia.

We found suggestive evidence for improved maternal iodine status and thyroid function by iodine supplementation during pregnancy.

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In the 4th edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendation NNR 4 issued in , the recommended daily intake RDI of iodine was kept unchanged from the 3rd edition The specific objectives of the review were to assess the influence of different intakes of iodine at different life stages infants, children, adolescents, adults, elderly, and during pregnancy and lactation , in order to estimate the requirement for adequate growth, development, and maintenance of health. However, in adults the goitre becomes nodular and does not regress when iodine intake is increased. Increased thyrotropin secretion stimulates the thyroid to take up more of the iodine that is available, using it to produce thyroid hormone. Reasons for exclusion are provided in Appendix 2. Email: si. To overcome natural iodine deficits, government health officials in many countries worldwide have made dietary iodine additives mandatory. All of the symptoms of iodine deficiency are related to its effect on the thyroid: GOITER — Without adequate iodine, the thyroid progressively enlarges develops a goiter as it tries to keep up with demand for thyroid hormone production. It is not as often mentioned by healthcare professionals as an iodine deficiency tends to be a rare occurrence, especially here in the United States. Iodine is the main component that is needed. In contrast, the condition is least common in persons living in coastal areas, where the soil often contains large amounts of iodine and where iodine-rich seafood is likely to be consumed. Most cross-sectional studies, only describing iodine status without clinical outcomes of interest for this review, were excluded at this point. A low weight birth is a child birth less than two thousand and five hundred grams 5. Taking too much iodine can also cause problems. The search terms are presented in Appendix 1.

Iodine deficiency is most prevalent in persons living in mountainous areas, where the soil and therefore the food and water contain very small amounts of iodine. Table 1 Summary table.

Iodine deficiency diseases essay

Taking too much iodine can also cause problems. When iodine intake is low, thyroid hormone production decreases.

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The present literature review is a part of the NNR5 project with the aim of reviewing and updating the scientific basis of the 4th edition of the NNRs 4 issued in Nord However, in adults the goitre becomes nodular and does not regress when iodine intake is increased. Most healthy adults need mcg per day, but pregnant and lactating women need more to meet the needs of their growing babies. The grade of evidence was classified as convincing, probable, suggestive, and no conclusion, in line with criteria introduced in the Systematic literature review SLR guide for the 5th edition of NNR. In case of extremely high single-dose iodine intake, typically a short-term suppression of thyroid function Wolff—Chaikoff effect occurs. Worldwide, iodine deficiency is the most common cause of thyroid disease. This is especially true in individuals that already have thyroid problems, such as nodules, hyperthyroidism and autoimmune thyroid disease. Iodine is the main component that is needed. Severe iodine deficiency in the mother has been associated with miscarriages, stillbirth, preterm delivery, and congenital abnormalities in their babies. Iodized salt has been the mainstay of the prevention of iodine deficiency worldwide. Scurvy is a disease defined by a deficiency in Vitamin C. Diagnosis[ edit ] Sequence of iodide human scintiscans after an intravenous injection, from left after 30 minutes, 20 hours, and 48 hours. When iodine intake is low, thyroid hormone production decreases. See Appendix 1 for search terms.
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Iodine intake in human nutrition: a systematic literature review