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While French madeleines are hugely popular, I have to say that Malaysian Kuih Bahulu is no less than the madeleines. Add salt into eggs, beat over high speed KA mixer at speed 8 in a mixer till fluffy about mins.

Community Food Snaps Background Kuih bahulu is a traditional cake or snack usually baked in brass moulds which usually come in all sorts of sizes and shapes like fishes, flowers and most commonly, sea shells as those shown in this video above. I personally think that kuih bahulu is our answer to madeleines, with a slightly different recipe but very similar methods.

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After i google for the answer, and learnt that adding hot sugar is to make kuih bahulu shelf life longer which can easily keep for 1 month. Share this Recipe As with a number of my dessert recipes, these bahulu are sweetened with Zerro erythritol. In a mixing bowl, mix the almond flour, baking powder, and salt.

Longer lasting kuih bahulu Sugar is a natural preservative for food. The next day, rinse the mould thoroughly with water.

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