Labpaq specific heat capacity of metals

Just as television, friends, and other distractions are not permitted on a job, they should not be permitted to interfere with your studies.

1. calculate the specific heat of each metal.

Turn the heat down low enough to keep the water lightly boiling for 15 more minutes. Explain your answer. Science is simply a way of learning about our natural world and how it works by testing ideas and making observations. For most but not all of the data a linear trend line will provide a good fit. Bring the water to boil. Always identify the units e. After completion of any dissecting work, wrap dissection specimens in news or waste paper, seal in a plastic bag, and place in a closed trash bin for normal garbage disposal.

For an exact listing of materials, refer to the Contents List form included in the LabPaq. Properly Use Your Learning Tools: The basic tools for web courses and other distance learning methods are often similar, consisting of computer software, videos, textbooks, and study guides.

Tables are an excellent way to organize your observational data, and where applicable, the Procedure section advises a table format for data recording.

specific heat capacity experiment pdf

Place these items in a securely covered trash container that cannot be accessed by children and animals. The things we really learn are the things we discover ourselves, which is why we don't learn as much from simple lectures, passive videos, or someone simply telling us the answers to our questions.

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Pour powders and crystals by tilting the container, gently shaking and rotating the solids up to the container lip, and allowing the solids to slowly fall out. To avoid over-dispensing, squeeze out only a few drops of chemicals into a well plate at a time.

Calorimetry specific heat capacity of metals lab report

Step 4- Make a guess as to how many drops of water you think can be placed on the coin before the surface tension of the water will break and the water will flow off the face of the coin. Step 6- Place the beaker on the burner stand. Wrap dissection specimens in newspaper and plastic and place them in a sealed garbage can. Sterno and similar alcohol based fuels are very volatile and cannot be safely shipped; however, the Glycol-based fuel used in LabPaqs is safe to ship. Please do not try to do all of your study work on the weekends! The density of olive oil was found to be 0. This is not the time to be creative. Yes, the natural sciences are not the easiest subjects to learn; but neither are they the hardest.

Flasks come in a variety of sizes ranging from a few milliliters to several liters, and their volume levels are precisely marked.

Be especially skeptical of and double-check information garnered from personal blogs and wiki sites like wikipedia. Evenly heat the test tube contents by carefully moving the test tube back and forth in the flame.

The heat capacity of metals lab report

Trigonometric Measurements All sciences revolve around the study of natural phenomena and require hands-on physical laboratory experiences to permit and encourage personal observations, discovery, creativity, and genuine learning. Choose the Right Place for Your Home Laboratory: The best place to perform at-home experiments will be determined by the nature of the individual experiments. LabPaq PK-1 13 Your primary tasks in a science laboratory course are to create experimentally measured values, compare your results to accepted theoretical or measured values, and gain a full understanding of scientific concepts. Based on the findings in exercise 2 this hypothesis must be rejected. These problems are not insurmountable, and meeting the challenges of independent study can provide tremendous personal satisfaction. Within about four minutes, as the temperature rose to 25 the ice had changed states from solid to fully liquid. Entries in your lab notebook will be the basis for your second record, the Lab Report.

What were the independent or dependent variables in the experiment? Your comments may also include any preliminary ideas you have for explaining the data or trends you see emerging.

specific heat capacity of metals experiment

Table 1.

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