Literature review on link between job satisfaction and worker motivation

review of literature on job satisfaction among employees

As a result, job transfer gives the opportunity to learn multiple skills and outlooks to the workers. There is a strong need for feedback from the higher officials in the organization as to achievement and progress, and a need for a sense of attainment.

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During the early and later stage of life of the employee, the most important tool to motivate the employee by recognizing positive behavior from employees means that those desired behaviors that drive business success will be reciprocated.

Group Organization Management, 18 3— With this result, it can be stated that employees being employed in different parts can take their different opinions at different levels.

Recent studies on job satisfaction(review of literature) 2017

The challenge here through is that they may under look the supervisors especially when they feel like they are on top of the game. An integrated approach to worker assignment, workforce flexibility acquisition, and task rotation. International journal of human resource management, 9 1 , — Human Performance, 10 1 , — Similarly, Cheng et al. This will go a long way in helping retain high performers in the organization as there will be satisfaction. Appreciation A study by Mahazril et al. A, CHAN. Flex-time as a moderator of the job stress-work motivation relationship: A three nation investigation.

Sub theme employee attitude5 which will be looked at in three ways; cognitive6, affective7 and behavioral8. It is more essential for younger employee during different career stages of life job because it arises from the terms of contract of employment, labor legislation that results in prevention of arbitrary termination, layoffs, and lockout.

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A literature review on motivation