Mobile media blasting business plan outline

School and Commercial Properties Schools and large commercial property management and development companies have set high property cleanliness standards.

Additionally, the soda blasting method was able to force the media further into the affected pores of the brick, where it pulverized and cleaned the previously inaccessible trapped alkaline and mineral deposits.

Rocklin has been a member of the Army Reserves actively for the past fourteen years as a flight officer and intends to maintain this status until eligible for retirement at age Find out what their rates are so you know what to charge.

You must also have samples of the materials being removed analyzed by an accredited laboratory to determine the lead content.

dustless blasting business near me

Procure the required Equipments The equipment needed to be procured for starting your own soda blasting company are; Soda Blaster — blast hose, blast generator, blast nozzle, high pressure air compressor, moisture decontamination system, goggle, face mask, safety hand gloves, amongst others.

If not, then you need to explore all the available means to raise capital for your business.

mobile media blasting business plan outline

The good thing about Soda blasting is that the process is simple and safe; since the soda used is same with the one that people use at home and even in dental clinics et al; it is non toxic.

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A Sample Sandblasting Business Plan Template