Myanmar ministry of social welfare

In accordance with these Guildelines, DSW supervise and technical support on them annually. After that, the name of the office had changed as the ministry of education, relief and resettlement in and it had changed as the ministry of ethnic minority and relief and resettlement again in the same year to with the purpose of implementing the activities of natural disaster preparation, relief and resettlement and providing necesarry assistance.

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On 31st Januaryunder the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Department of Rehabilitation was established with the staffs from the existing two departments.

In doing so, not only the government but also the people are participating forming voluntary organizations or individually. Provision of assistance to the populations who suffer from famine as a consequence of damage of crops due to abnormal weather or insect infections.

On 6th Novemberthe Department of Fire Services was transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs due to the nature of work and to be in accord with the contemporary situations, and so there are only two departments left under this ministrythe Social Welfare Department and Relief and Resettlement Department.

Grants and Aids to Voluntary Organizations Department of Social Welfare provide Voluntray Organizations which established in community; especially children, youths, womens, persons with disability and elderly etc. On 10th MarchDepartment of Social Welfare extended its organization set up and the Ministry have the officials werestaffs were and total was But indue to the political change, it had modied the name of the office as the ministry of Relief, Resettlement and National Reconciliation.

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Since then, the voluntary social workers who were interested in social work were giving care to the vulnerable people who were orphans, persons with disabilities, helpless people, and elderly. Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement have officials, staffs and total with the extension of the organization set up for the development of administrative mechanism on 1st April

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Myanmar Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement