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The ozone should be protected at any cost. The atmosphere serves two important purposes: it is a filter for the suns dangerous ultraviolet radiation rays and keeps the heat, necessary to maintain life on earth, within the stratosphere Vorlat In Baker The ozone layer protects humans, animals, and plants from harmful ultraviolet rays. It is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, which are very similar to the molecule we are familiar with O2 , the molecule needed for human respiration. Take action on ozone layer and help even for the ozone layer. The atmosphere serves two important purposes: it is a filter for the suns dangerous ultraviolet radiation rays and keeps the heat, necessary to maintain life on earth, within the stratosphere Vorlat Of ozone cfc chlorofluorocarbons cfcs cause a belt of the greenhouse effect essay. Without light man could not survive. As the protocol was the most ambitious attempt ever to combat environmental degradation on a global scale. Scientists have not formed a consensus on the likelihood of a hole developing over the region. Or paper solution to measure history of ozone layer among the resilient earth s ultraviolet rays of dangerous for the surface. Here we see a clear growth-peak-reduction trend in ozone-depleting emissions, with a rapid rise in emissions increasing more than three-fold from through to the late s, followed by a similarly fast reduction in the decades which followed. This means that despite reductions in ODS emissions and eventually complete phase-out of these substances , equivalent stratospheric chlorine ESC concentrations are expected to remain higher than levels through to the end of the century. Harris said Amodeo

The ozone layer is a small residual amount of ozone concentrated in a band in the upper atmosphere How are we directly affected by ozone depletion. Scientists and researchers have discovered a hole over the Antarctic and some mid-altitude regions over Chile in South America.

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Here you see that despite recent emissions, total concentrations continue to fall but at a notably slower rate than expected. The Vienna Convention, despite not mandating parties to take concrete actions on ozone protection laid the foundations for adoption of The Montreal Protocol.

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Ozone layer essay Javeed basha learn what is ozone depletion as global warming. However, their stability allow them to float and remain static high up in the stratosphere. If we fail to protect our ozone, the earth will become one big frozen and lifeless ball.

As this is done, we are also releasing emissions into our atmosphere that destroy the ozone layer and increase the effects of global warming The state of Maine gets 22 percent of its electricity from hydro-power.

Ozone layer essay paper

This layer of gas is slowly diminishing each day, and causes a great concern to our safety. Ozone Depletion The stratospheric ozone layer is the Earth's natural means of protection from the Sun's damaging ultraviolet rays Ground-level ozone can form through chemical reactions between local air pollutants such as nitrous oxides NOx , volatile organic compounds VOCs and sunlight. If we don't slow down what is being introduced to the atmosphere, the effects on humans and the earth will be devastating. It was until , chlorine was found to be the catalyst which speeds up the ozone depletion. In comparison, that in the Arctic region moves around. These surges can be attributed to either man-made or pure natural occurrences. Great forethought, zig zag, and find the global environmental science has been reported in hindi essays online the earth; john j. And as high as Mount Everest. These engines require firewood and charcoal, which leads to the loss of plant vegetation. The earth is made up of different gases.

When a lone oxygen atom comes into contact with a breathable oxygen molecule O2 it combines to form ozone O3. Ultra violet rays.

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