Pestle analysis for hospitality industry

Business environment includes of mainly external factors that affect the business such as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental and sometimes refer as PESTEL factors.

In this current market place, there are many substitutes of the star-category hotels in Colombo for accommodation - Jaj -Samudra, Gall face Hotel, Hilton, Mount Lavinia.

Continuous Improvement - Hotel is ground breaking and utilizes best practices to continually improve its management techniques, and the quality of products and services. On the other hand government has to encourage local and overseas investors to get their money to build up tourism products and liberate taxes.

Political Factors That Could Affect Marriott The major political factors that could affect Marriott are the danger of terrorism, international relations and the political climate in popular tourist destinations.

It is because both labor and public security are important concerns.

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The airlines brands will also reap the benefits. In the case of Hospitality industry because of the revenue to the government from the tourism sector, there is the complete support for the industry and the political environment is conducive for the development of the industry.

Being a business hotel, there needs to be a variety of options which can be availed. Infrastructure quality in REIT - Retail industry Comparative advantages of host country and Financial sector in the particular country.

KFC was between the first fast food multinationals to begin in India.

Pestle analysis for tourism industry

Efficiency of financial markets — Does Hospitality Properties Trust needs to raise capital in local market? Preliminary in April , the accumulation set about worn its creative name, Kentucky Fried Chicken, for its signage, packet and announcements in the U. A single terrorist event affects tourism deeply in an area for a prolonged period. All the features of this method are vital for any industry a business might be in. L egal Factor When concerning about the legal factors include tourism act, discrimination laws, consumer law, occupation law and health insurance and security. Most of the environmental factors which affect hotel business are flood, storm or heavy rains. Currently, the similar worth plank has helped the glucose biscuit brand become the first Indian FMCG brand to cross the Rs 5 thousand crore mark in trade sales in a year.

Airlines have focused a lot on making air travel safer. Bargaining vitality of customers One of the primary people is customer atlanta divorce attorneys organization. To do the assessment may use variety of tools to process of strategic evaluation, including Infestations sometimes PESTLE for analyze external environment and, SWOT research use for the internal environmental scanning, and Michael Porter's five causes model use to helps to understand the competitive forces, the elegance and current position on the market.

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Hospitality Properties Trust PESTEL / PEST & Environment Analysis[Strategy]