Reflective evaluation of the skills of counselling

Also, I attempted to establish a safe atmosphere for Claire to disclose her issues and also to develop a sense of trust between us by conveying a non- judgemental and non-critical attitude.

Reflective evaluation of the skills of counselling

Her name was Hend. This helped Claire feel accepted and understood. This strategy was useful in establishing that the client was unhappy and felt stuck in her situation, and therefore provided a platform to work with. It was this feeling that led me to self-disclose. In all cases, you must use the theory from the unit you are studying as the basis of your discussion and analysis of the counsellor's skills.

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Leesa said that she would approach her employment agency to see if they could help, and that she would bring her list to the next counseling session. Some writers have suggested that professional and personal development cannot be separated and that developmental issues for counsellors comprise of a spectrum of elements Wilkins, Also, I will explore my experience of the therapeutic relationship and how it influences therapeutic change and increase the affectivity of the therapy. When watching the recorded session I could observe numerous occasions where examples of attending behaivour are present. Taking a break is important. And I believe this goal was successfully attained. When standards are not met, problems can occur, resulting in client dissatisfaction. A counsellor needs to meet certain professional standards, and being a reflective practitioner helps to ensure that this happens. Style Try to avoid writing in an overly emotive or subjective way. It encourages discussion about how others deal with similar situations and counsellors can learn from each other.

I began the session by welcoming the client and reminding her of the confidentiality agreement. Furthermore, I will talk about my improvement that I have accomplished during completing this module and lastly I will demonstrate exactly how I can incorporate theories and approaches to support different skills used in the recording of the DVD.

Rogers and Harold Lyon.

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The client identified that she would like to seek alternative employment that allowed her to take on grater responsibility and that involved less travel. Research Proposal Analysis of a Counselling Session The analysis of a counselling session requires you to analyse and evaluate a counsellor's skills based on a video of his or her work. For example my posture was relaxed and I leant forward. Without reflection, the counsellor could become stagnant and loose motivation. The client had agreed that a pattern had emerged she felt disrespected at work. De Jong and Berg , propose that the miracle question allows the client an opportunity to step out of their current situation for a moment and consider the possibility of something better as cited in Corey Leesa spoke of a time when she enjoyed her work and private life more, and was able to relate some of the key differences that contributed to her feeling more respected and confident in general. Rogers and Harold Lyon. Written by admin In most professions, reflective practice is the process of reflecting on professional experiences that occur in the job, and learning from them. This example was closely followed up with a scaling question, as mentioned earlier in this essay, which was designed to quantify the depth of the stated emotion. McLeod , p26 explains the counsellor leads the way by following the client and this is achieved by using verbal and non-verbal cues to encourage the client to tell their story. I feel that the timing of the first summary would have been more appropriate if it had been delivered around halfway through the session.

Theory and Practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Content The content of the analysis will be based on the specific guidelines or questions given with the assessment information. Reflecting upon the counseling session it is clear that I utalised a range of conversational micro skills.

Definition of Counselling Counselling.

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Here are some examples of sentences that have been rewritten more professionally. Nelson-Jonesp purports that the role of effective questioning is to enable the client to assist in identifying, clarifying and breaking down their problems by supplying much additional information.

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What exactly is a reflective practitioner of counselling?