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It consists of a shortened version of your title typed in capital letters flush left. Remember that you should make an entry for every article or other scholarly sources that you mention or refer to in your document to avoid plagiarism. Other APA formatting number rules to keep in mind: Always include a zero before a decimal point 0.

Using both can potentially identify patterns amongst the biometric measures and the questionnaire, which would strengthen the validity of the results. The style includes specific rules for organizing papers in social and political sciences, medicine, business, economics, citations within the work, and references.

Every quote or piece of outside information included in the paper should be referenced and have an entry. List your sources alphabetically according to the last name of the author. Include the paper title before the body paragraphs.

apa format reference page

Argue your key points in the main body and support them with appropriate evidence and relevant quotes from authoritative sources use quotes sparingly. Looking for an APA format citation machine?

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References Title Page The Title Page contains four pieces of information: the running head, the title of your work, the name of the author, and the institutional affiliation. Create a Title Page for your essay or a research paper.

sample apa paper for students

Indent the word Keywords and italicize it.

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APA Format: Easy Explanations And Samples