Shark finnings should be banned

The bill passed the Senate Commerce Committee last year and awaits a vote. Canada[ edit ] Shark finning has been illegal in Canada since When too many of them are killed, the prey will keep on reproducing offsprings, and soon, there will be too many prey and very few predators to eat them to balance the ecosystem.

Why shark finning should not be banned

Pull Quote "These animals are dying painfully, and their whole ecosystems are being affected—for what? He also mentioned that the wordings of the bylaws in Calgary and Toronto, which face legal problems with municipal jurisdiction, are trying to ban possession and consumption, but that is hard to enforce and regulate. In June, the Coast Guard seized finned shark bodies, along with 11 fins, off the coast of Florida. Finning involves slicing fins off live sharks and tossing the wounded animals overboard, where they sink to the bottom and, unable to swim and pass water over their gills, suffocate, die of blood loss, or get eaten by other predators. When too many of them are killed, the prey will keep on reproducing offsprings, and soon, there will be too many prey and very few predators to eat them to balance the ecosystem. In China, a concerted effort by government and conservation groups has reduced Chinese consumption of shark fins by 80 percent in the past decade. DNA makes the case To ascertain whether a crime has been committed, authorities must establish whether the DNA in a seized sample of soup is actually that of a shark. But that would be against state law. Continue Reading. Our most ancient species are endangered. Chinese restaurants and businesses selling shark fin opposed the ban, and in late , suggested that they will challenge the by-laws before the courts once fines are imposed. But when it comes to shark fins, the United States is a small drop in a vast ocean of trade; only three percent of the Asian imports hail from its waters. Longlining is killing more than sharks. Finning is banned in the Eastern Pacific , [42] but shark fishing and finning continues unabated in most of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Shark finning was already illegal in Canadian waters, but there was no law to stop importing into Canada.

However, imagine someone cut your arms and legs off and said go figure? This is sick, Hueter says he thought at the time.

Shark finning facts

In many parts of the world [including the United States], they play an important role in food security. Jacqueline Savitz is the chief policy officer for North America for Oceana. Mary Pfaffko Jun 2, Fins are sliced off of sharks while their live bodies are tossed back into the ocean like trash. There are plenty better soups to have, and other foods that are better managed and have less affect on the ocean and marine ecosystems. Savitz is a marine biologist with the conservation group Oceana. Wearing rubber gloves so as not to contaminate the evidence, they sealed the fins from both places in separate containers and overnighted them to a lab in North Carolina for DNA testing. California introduced a shark fin ban in The bill would act as disincentive to fishing sharks sustainably, says Colin Simpfendorfer, a shark researcher from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. With that been said, shark finning is something that is important to try and eradicate across the world. Contrast that with revenues from the shark fin trade. Why shark finning should be banned Environment Did you know that fins from as many as 73 million sharks end up in the global shark fin trade every year? The domino effect: decimated Blacktip and Tiger Shark populations along the east coast of the US led to decreased shellfish populations, which led to decreased water quality since shellfish filter water. If you like to travel, you like surf, scuba dive, or anything to do with the ocean, you should read this article. Shark fin soup has long been a status dish in Asian countries, notably China, where its use can be traced back to an emperor from the Song Dynasty who is thought to have invented the dish to show off his power and wealth.

This practice is known as shark finning. Shark fin soup is one of the favorite foods in Chinese traditional wedding banquets and birthday banquets.

is shark finning banned in the us

And there it was: shark fin soup. Regulation applies equally to individuals, commercial organisations and not-for-profit organisations.

Why is shark finning a problem

The specimens Ashley Spicer tests and analyzes as a part of her work in the Wildlife Forensics Lab at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife vary from suspected shark fin soup in plastic to-go containers to frozen fins in vacuum-sealed packaging. Wildlife Watch is an investigative reporting project between National Geographic Society and National Geographic Partners focusing on wildlife crime and exploitation. He suspects restaurants and market owners are now storing their shark fin supplies off premises—perhaps in their homes, which would be off-limits to law enforcement without a search warrant. This bill, Hueter says, would allow imports only from countries that prohibit finning and promote shark conservation. Knights says a U. For the most part, the limited number of wealthy Chinese meant that the practice was sustainable, but the rapid growth in the Chinese economy since is directly correlated with the recent sharp decrease in shark populations. Continue Reading. But the United States is also a client. Since then, Hueter has been an advocate for sharks. The fishermen ended their lives out of money. Sharks are an essential force in the marine ecosystem.
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Should shark fin soup be banned?