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Depending on their parents, Kong Kids have low problem-solving abilities. This video hit the local news and magazines.

Common social issues in hong kong

Causes[ edit ] Nowadays, Hong Kong families typically have one or at most two children. In short term, Kong Kids lose a lot of social chances and cannot deal with hurdles by themselves while in long term, Kong Kids will lack essential communication skills and initiation of solving problems. Like machines, we memorize all the textbook content, and we do not know how to handle problems without textbooks. I would like to examine two problems, education and poverty problems, in this light. He chose to share his story with the students to help enhance racial harmony. So the participants have to act like a reporter, they have to go outside to understand the community and the specific topics, for example mental health and minorities, so that they can have some evidence or have some supporting information to develop their story ideas. They are usually emotional and self-centered. They must set up their production team including the director, cameraman, lighting engineer and sound engineer. This video hit the local news and magazines. For young children, they often lack life skills, such as bathing, cooking, and tying shoelaces.

The reasons for the poverty problem are that the income level of the underprivileged is too low to support a household, especially when the inflation rate and rent are soaring now. Therefore, some children become rebellious, impolite and disrespectful of others - characteristics of Kong Kids.

Voiceover: These secondary school students may be learning to play cricket, but they are primarily getting to know more about the culture of ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong. They do not cherish what they have and are less able to tolerate hardships at work and are at risk for termination of employment.

It is obvious that our education system does not fit the ever-changing world and causes much trouble to teenagers like me. In order to equip children with the ability to cope with adversity, when they face difficulties, parents should let children solve it on their own rather than tackling it for them.

Most of the parents are over-protective of their children and shield them from difficulties and injuries.

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