Southern company clean air act strategy

The lobbyist is John Pemberton, chief of staff of the division of the federal Environmental Protection Agency that delivered a key Clean Air Act victory last week to the nation's coal-fired utility industry, led by Southern Co.

Roosevelt in the presidential election—losing, and dying, in Problems with the gasification and carbon capture technology have caused the project to run years behind schedule and see dramatic cost overruns that have ballooned the total price tag to more than twice the original estimate.

Once combined, the company will be the second-largest United States utility, with about nine million customers. Worldwide, the cost of solar and onshore wind power declined by 18 percent in the last year alone. A Southern Co. Job Feed. Mirant eventually went bankrupt and was acquired by NRG.

southern company strategy

There is a lot at stake. Climate Alliance of states committed to upholding the Paris Agreement goals, and has outlined a goal of powering the state with percent clean energy by mid-century.

The company has one of the largest coal-fired generating fleets in the U. But veteran energy journalist Dennis Wamsted, writing for The Energy Collective, recently argued that the state regulators have been asleep at the wheel on Vogtle. The council helped spur a series of U.

Forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements concerning the strategic goals for the wholesale business, retail sales, customer growth, storm damage cost recovery and repairs, fuel cost recovery and other rate actions, environmental regulations and expenditures, retail return on equity projections, access to sources of capital, projections for postretirement benefit and nuclear decommissioning trust contributions, financing activities, start and completion of construction projects, plans and estimated costs for new generation resources, impacts of adoption of new accounting rules, potential exemptions from ad valorem taxation of the Kemper IGCC project, unrecognized tax benefits related to leveraged lease transactions, impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ofestimated sales and purchases under new power sale and purchase agreements, and estimated construction and other expenditures.

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Southern Company’s Attack on the Clean Power Plan: Some Important Unanswered Questions