Sumerian writing activity for middle school

For example, they might imagine organizing a collection of trading cards by writing down categories. For example, the presence of an established calendar indicates the existence of a fairly sophisticated number system and understanding of astronomy.

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Moving in chronological order, place the labels on the timeline. You can use this list as a point of comparison with the list that the class has compiled. The National Geographic includes images, maps, and timelines relevant to the start of this activity.

Students can scan through the two summaries of key events in Mesopotamian history that are available on the EDSITEment web resource Metropolitan Museum of Art: Key Events BCE These timelines of key events can be used by students to determine where each label should be placed and to indicate when certain innovations became important.

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You may wish to discuss the role of the priestly class in ancient Mesopotamia, as elite, Mesopotamian priests had a far more expanded role in society than students may have experienced with members of the clergy today.

Ask students to return to their timeline worksheets. Mathematics also flourished and developed in ancient Mesopotamia. Ask the students: With which of these cities are you familiar? Barley was a very important crop in ancient Mesopotamia. Divide the class into small groups of three or four and assign each group one of the labels.

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The Cuneiform Writing System in Ancient Mesopotamia: Emergence and Evolution