The characteristics and dangers of acid rains the green house effect and decrease in the ozone layer

Once we have projected how much CO2 and other trace greenhouse gases may be in the air during the next century or so, we have to estimate its climatic effect. Trees' leaves and needles are also harmed by acids. The pollutants may also inhibit trees' ability to reproduce.

Effects of ozone layer depletion

It is found in the lower atmosphere troposphere and has nothing to do with the "ozone hole. Lorius, J. Kratz, H. Thus, a global temperature change of 1deg. Forecasts of the distribution of variables such as soil moisture or precipitation pattern have even greater uncertainties. The amount of CFCs in the stratosphere is now peaking. The development of such models is a formidable scientific and computational task and is still not very advanced. On the other hand, because a warming of Antarctica would almost certainly increase snowfall without raising temperatures sufficiently to create summer melt a doubling of thc snowfall over Antarcrica could lower sea level perhaps as much as 1 mm per year. Guetter, J. The anthropic CO2 comes : from fossil fuels use coal, oil, natural gas for the largest part, from industrial processes for a small part when referring to these processes we exclude combustion, but only take into account other chemical reactions , for example cement production, from deforestation for a non negligible part, particularly between the tropics s ee the page on the sinks for explanations. Doos, J. Indeed, many people interpreted prematurely, I believe these events in as proof that human augmentation to the greenhouse effect had finally arrived The model may predict average cloudiness well but represent cloud feedback poorly. It will be decades, perhaps centuries, before the oceans and the atmosphere fully redistribute the absorbed energy and the currently "committed" temperature rise is actually "realized. The agricultural consequences of a number of model scenarios including hypothetical increases in yield resulting from direct CO2 fertilization and decreases due to heat stress or drought stress are assessed in

Barron and W. We cannot directly verify our quantitative predictions of greenhouse warming on the basis of purely historical events 31 ; therefore, we must base our estimates on natural analogs of large climatic changes and numerical climatic models because the complexity of the real world cannot be reproduced in laboratory models.

On the other hand, farmers in the East, and particularly in the Southeast, might profit if the depletion of eastern rivers were relatively less severe than that in the West or the Plains. Morphew, C. Reference Acid rain, explained The fossil fuels that humans burn for energy can come back to haunt us as acid rain.

And yet, as the class studied the issue further, we learned that the news is not all bad.

causes of ozone layer depletion

The relative importance of each gaz has not varied much today.

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Greenhouse Effect