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Hemingway: The Writer as Artist. In these passages, Jordan distinguishes between different levels of destruction, between the demolition of bridges—and the killing and destruction that results from it—and the larger and more ominous destruction of the Spanish Republic, the way of life of the people he has adopted as his own.

But for the novel ''Islands in the Stream'' he seems to have had editorial misgivings.

Bruccoli, Matthew J. Burwell, Rose Marie. Intertextuality removes the absolute otherness of the foreign by merging it with recollections and borrowings, such that the new can never overcome us with its absolute strangeness, or what the Russian Formalists would have known as ostranenie; it therefore occasions that sentiment which I have above called xenalgia, as it protects us from the foreign but makes us long for it the more. Josephs, F. James Nagel showed clearly the "essential thematic relationship" between the marriage plot and the African hunting story , but this relationship needs a slightly more dialectical reading than that which he gives in his article. This cannot have been the book Hemingway envisioned at the most ambitious moments of his struggle to realize it, a struggle that occupied him intermittently for perhaps 15 years. I would argue that he was also learning about how to write about the ways love affects that creation. Catherine has created a new identity for herself, but that identity is false because it is dependent on another. Hemingway: The Writer as Artist. The key is the character of Catherine Bourne. What we have lost perhaps is the taste for the foreign as that which is not under our control, not partial to our desire not to understand it while thinking ourselves immune from it. His mind was never far from killing, neither in actuality as he hunted or ran off to wars, nor in his work. Even more interesting is the passivity of his writer hero who, on the evidence, hates big-game hunting, and who is portrayed as totally subject to the powers of women, hapless before temptation and unable to take action in the face of adversity. He was divorced and remarried, with more children, before he bought a place of his own in Key West. I would like to think that as he began ''The Garden of Eden,'' his very next novel after that war work, he realized this and wanted to retool, to remake himself.

Tuscaloosa: The U of Alabama P, Miller, Linda Patterson. Gajdusek, Robert E. The source of his material and spring to his imagination was his own life.

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Hanover: University Press of New England, Just because you wrote this morning? This story gradually intrudes on the main narrative as the boy David sights the bull elephant with enormous tusks that his father and an African assistant are looking for; he reports his sighting and lives to regret it, as the father tracks down the great beast and destroys it.

Carlos Baker.

Benjamin, Walter. Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist. Thou canst not think how many. And she had stated that the story was merely a story of the conflict of good and evil which was the implication of a hunger to find an identity. Where else would one stay? Gajdusek, Robert E. In "The Garden of Eden" by Ernest Hemingway, the anti-heroine, Catherine, goes to great lengths to gain power in her relationship with her husband.

Thus we have a tale told by an editor, full of the Hemingway sound and fury, but signifying little if not nothing of the intention of the typescripts. You will. But the influences of the two women are not that clear-cut.

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(PDF) Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden: xenalgia and nostalgia