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And so, to prove various things to various people, the kid figures out a way to sneak into the plant, steal some plutonium and build his own nuclear bomb. It's a tour de force, the way he combines everyday personality conflicts with a funny, oddball style of seeing things, and wraps up the whole package into a tense and effective thriller.

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I wanted to show how you could get embroiled without any regard to consequences. Inside, he has it all figured out: how to baffle the automatic alarms, how to anticipate what the guards are going to do, how to get in and out without being detected. That's the setup for "The Manhattan Project," a clever, funny and very skillful thriller about how the kid builds his own atomic bomb. You read through the books and these guys are really creepy: scary and fascinating, and very brilliant and very elitist and very condescending to the rest of the world. They became hooked; they were just too far into it. Production[ edit ] After making Lovesick, Brickman was interested in doing something other than comedy. In particular, the Lithgow character isn't allowed to fall into cliches. And you can't just walk away from that. The rest of the budget consisted of consultancy fees for Gladden. It's like a form of chicken: How close can I come to the edge here? I don't think it matters.

John Lithgow plays the scientist who moves into the town and starts to date Eikenberry and makes friends with the kid.

There have been some good movies in that genre - I liked " WarGames " and " Real Genius " - but this isn't really a teenage movie at all, it's a thriller.

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It's like a form of chicken: How close can I come to the edge here? I secrete jokes like the pancreas secretes. It's different than anything else I've done, and I like that. I don't think it matters. But when you think about it, something's always popping up about nuclear weapons or reactors every couple of months.

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