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In order to get the greatest covering power from a given lot of ore, it should be ground as finely as possible. The success of the process is evinced by the number of claimants as "discoverers" of flotation. Later, during the height of legal disputes over the validity of various patents during the s, Everson's was often pointed to as the initial flotation patent - which would have meant that the process was not patentable again by later contestants.

Another flotation process was independently invented in the early s in Australia by Charles Vincent Potter and around the same time by Guillaume Daniel Delprat.

The Glasdir copper mine at Llanelltydnear Dolgellau in North Wales was bought in by the Elmore brothers in conjunction with their father, William. A low percentage of solids in a pulp ground to a given degree of fineness means a greater distance between individual particles.

Grade of concentrate desired.

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Ricketts ripped out a gravity concentration mill and replaced it with the Minerals Separation process, the first major use of the process at an American copper mine.

Hydea former employee of Minerals Separation, Ltd. This matter has been previously discussed.

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From this statement it is not to be understood that for a given ore one and only one oil can be used or even, disregarding for the moment the commercial consideration of availability, can be best used. The effect of slurry density The percentage of solids in the pulp affects the character of oil necessary in a way similar to that in which it is affected by the degree of pulverization of the ore.

Cattermole, who emulsified the pulp with a small quantity of oil, subjected it to violent agitation, then slow stirring which coagulated the target minerals into nodules which were separated from the pulp by gravity.

Introducing a porous brick with compressed air, and a mechanical stirring mechanism, Callow applied for a patent in some say that Callow, a Jackling partisan, invented his cell as a means to avoid paying royalties to Minerals Separation, which firms using his cell eventually were forced to do by the courts.

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Basic Principles & Variables Affecting Froth Flotation